About Us

Michele Gobbi e Simone Bologna founded Alunova in 2007 .

Alunova has quickly become a fast-growing company highly specialized in the manufacture of metal plating and protecting covers for wooden and vinyl windows, as well as aluminum profiles for exterior window shutters. The company is extremely responsive to an increasingly demanding market which insists on quality and Earth-friendly practices. Its versatile manufacturing processes lead Alunova to work with different materials to deliver its standardized and customized solutions.

This versatility has fueled Alunova’s expansion in Italy, in Europe, and beyond. Efficiency, quickness in distribution and customer satisfaction are Alunova’s primary goals, and the company delivers to clients on these via its tremendous experience in innovation and creativity. ALUNOVA is the smart solution for the construction of low-maintenance windows with a perfect balance between appealing aesthetics and extraordinarily efficient performance in terms of energy savings and recyclability of materials. Alunova’s products are smart because they are durable, efficient, good-looking and environment-friendly. Alunova, always at the avant guarde of technology and design, shows a wide range of aluminum profiles for exterior windows shutters, a huge variety of aluminum and brazen covers for wooden and vinyl windows, and an impressive number of colors and finishes. Reliability and perfection make its metal products indispensable elements for manufacturers who want to produce high-quality windows. On these solid grounds and through the continuous commitment of founders Michele Gobbi and Simone Bologna, Alunova aims to earn at higher levels the satisfaction and trust of its customers, and above all to help them to stay constantly updated and competitive in an increasingly specialized and globalized market.