Interpreting window frames
by focusing on innovation.

Alunova was founded in 2007 by the entrepreneurial initiative of Michele Gobbi and Simone Bologna, experienced professionals in the production and design of metal window coverings and aluminum shutter profiles.

For more than 15 years, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing innovation to the window and door market, with a growing awareness of quality materials and environmentally friendly processes.







The new brand: innovative,
Reliable, international, intelligent.

The need to consolidate our position in the marketplace prompted us during 2022 to undertake an analysis and redefinition of our corporate visual identity.

The end result, applied to all levels of internal and external communication, now gives us a brand that reflects our long-established values, the potential yet to be expressed and our future goals.

Quality, research and development:
what we believe in

We have always stood out for our ability to bring different products to the market to open up new business opportunities or follow new trends, even in the context of a likely economic crisis.

At our bow there are always different and custom solutions developed for special customers, characterized by quality, research and development of colors and materials.

Frame the open space
This emotional payoff encapsulates Alunova’s concepts of innovation and international branding.
“Framing the open space” refers to the profiles of windows and doors that circumscribe a space in our homes, but it can also be traced to the meaning of framing (thus being clear) what comes next, what is not yet defined, the future.
There is evidently also a reference to the concept of “space” as the Universe, to which the elements of our new visual identity inspired by the planet Saturn tie in perfectly.
Alunova's 'Novashutters'
range of shutters and blinds caters for all market requirements.
A product characterised by exceptional performance
and quality unparalleled in today's market.
All covers lend themselves to both
anchoring solutions: with screw-on clips and with automatic clips.
Door panels
The wide variety of colours and finishes in aluminium
offers high quality doors and doors.
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Professionals at the forefront of aluminum door and window production.They offer quality window frames especially in wood/aluminum monoblock,wide choice of types and colors.Contact their highly trained salespeople.
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One of the most organized and professional companies I have worked with. Prtener reliable and punctual. Curated and very beautiful products!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Firm specializing in aluminum window frame processing, with many years of experience

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