We are key players in Klimahouse 2023

Hall CD Booth D22/30
Hall CD Booth D22/30

With great excitement, we are pleased to announce that Alunova will again participate in Klimahouse 2023 in Bolzano, Italy, from March 8 to 11.
It will be the first official release for the brand after the 360-degree visual communication redesign work curated by Square Marketing.
So many new features concerning the exhibition booth, products, catalogs, and gadgets are waiting for you, all of which are meant to tell today about a company that has been able to renew itself and will continue to do so boldly in the coming years.

Where to find us at the Bolzano Fair

This year our exhibition area will be truly amazing and interactive; our calling card to tell you about the new Alunova brand.
You can find us at the Bolzano Fair, Hall CD – Stand D22/30.
We are waiting for you!

What is Klimahouse

Klimahouse is the exhibition event dedicated to energy efficiency and sustainability in the building industry.
These two values have also long been part of Alunova’s daily life. In fact, with regard to the materials we use for our achievements, especially aluminum, we pay special attention to the issue of recycling in order to reduce our impact on the environment in a major way.
Therefore, Alunova’s participation in Klimahouse is a natural fit.
Inside the Bolzano Fair we will be able to voice, together with many other companies, the new market trends for “building well for living well.”

How to participate in Klimahouse 2023

On the official website of the Bolzano Fair you can purchase tickets to attend Klimahouse 2023 from March 8 to 11. Go to order: https://www.fierabolzano.it/it/tickets/651
If you would like to receive a free coupon and participate in the event with Alunova,
write us at sales@alunovagroup.com.

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