How do I purchase these products?
All of our technical catalogues are provided with forms in order to ask for an estimate and to make bookings, follow the simple instructions to quickly submit your orders.

How do I understand if my doors and my windows are compatible?
By sending the technical sheet of your door and window, our office is capable, in few days, to give you the most suitable solution. The 95% of doors and windows result to be suitable for our products.

How are the products delivered?
All the deliveries are made using our specially equipped trucks. And if our trucks cannot reach you, our reliable partners will quickly manage the delivery.

How can I track my delivery?
All the information must be asked to the logistic office (logistica@alunovagroup.com) , if the products are transported by our trucks, we are going to give you a track code if the delivery is managed by our partners.

I can receive the product only in a specific time, how can I do?
In case of special requests we recommend to tip off in the booking phase. We are going to manage the delivery respecting your requests.

Are there any warranties?
All our products are in respect of warranty and quality EU legislation.

What happens if the product I receive is broken?
In case of missing or broken products, you must immediately warn our logistic office to the following email address (logistica@alunovagroup.com, or by fax to: +39.0442.794501) You will be contacted in order to accord to the reactivation modality and in order to be warned about the schedule. On the average the reactivation operations do not take more than fifteen working days.

In selecting the product, Is the assistance provided?
Our technical-commercial staff is best-trained and at your disposal in the product selection phase. We help the customer from the beginning by giving him advice about which is the best solution for him . Even during the assembly phase we help the client giving explanatory sheets and live telephone assistance.
All of our products respect the law.

How can i know the state of the order?
Through our dedicated area, after registering, you can track the status of your order, from the first entry until the delivery, with relevant photographic evidence of the material and packages. Registration to the area is possible only after receipt of the first order confirmation by the customer.