Cuts and holes are made with professional automatic cutters, managed and supervised by specific software to organise all orders as swiftly as possible. The soldering process (referring to soldered versions), is made with the MIG technology using automatic robots; whereas, for particular orders, the soldering process is managed by highly specialized and qualified staff. Assembled versions are made joining all elements using particular expansion squares, which allow the perfect alignment of surfaces guaranteeing the duration of the structure for a long time.


Painted, oxidized and imitation woods ranges follow the highest standards and respect all current regulations in terms of environment, security and quality. Alunova collaborates with the best current partners in the field of finishes for aluminium. The range is made of 59 standard finishes but it is possible to choose between a wide set of finishes, which are always available. Moreover, it is possible to ask for particular shades and effects, in order to satisfy completely all current market demands.


Materials used for the manufacturing follow inflexible and cycling tests so as to guarantee a continuous quality. The aluminium which is used is made of an alloy EN AW-6060 at the physical status T5 or T6. All accessories and gaskets are realised in materials built to resist under the most difficult weather conditions and to guarantee a very high duration forward in time. Assembling squares are realised in melted pressed aluminium in order to avoid breakages or damages, which could happen because of the exposure to the sun beams or to the cold winter temperatures.


The range of Alunova louvered shutters can satisfy all current market requests, with particular attention to the present, and it does not underestimate the historical context of the different Italian areas. All louvered shutters are available for wall installation (without frame) and with “L” or “Z” frame. The advantage of Alunova PRS and Alunova SCR_TT systems stays in the fact you can change the type even when the manufacturing has already started or has already advanced.

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