Cutting, drilling and profiles bending

Alunova uses the most advanced technology and metal working machineries, well represented by its automatic shearing machines, for its cutting and drilling operations. These operations are controlled and managed by a computer software to always guarantee precision as well as a fast and efficient service to the costumers. The result of the profile bending is of exceptional quality. Windows and shutters manufacturers will find extremely easy to handle, in their work, the huge variety of metal profiles and systems offered by Alunova in a broad array of shapes.

Welding and mechanical assembly

The welding the metal profiles (aluminum or bronze) is carried out relying on completely robotized machineries of the latest generation. The mechanical assembly is instead obtained through the punching of special brackets: always necessary for aluminum profiles with a “wood-like” finish, it is instead optional for the painted series of aluminum profiles.


The shipment and packaging of Alunova’s products are managed by a team of the company fully dedicated to these operations. The high level of organization of this team together with its great ability in preparing wooden crates customized for each shipment guarantees a perfect delivery of the products to the customers.