Aluminum hatches

Clean and essential line

Alunova’s “Novashutters” range of shutters and blinds caters to all the needs demanded by the market, with a focus on the current modern and sophisticated lines, without underestimating the historical context that the various areas of Italy require.

All sashes are thermally broken, so they provide excellent first insulation from outside temperatures in both winter and summer.

They are available with matching hinges or with strips on the back. A product characterized by outstanding performance and unparalleled quality in the current market.

Thermal cutting

Insulation panel

Scuretto TT

Thermal break shutter. Available with matching hinges or with strips at the back.

Scuretto 24
Scuretto 24

The answer to market demand for a quality yet essential product.

Scuretto 33

All shutter technology 24 by adding horizontal staving (shingle) on the inside, this is to follow up on all requests to maintain an aesthetic line dictated by the historical context in which they will be placed.

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