Aluminum shutters

The Novashutters range

Alunova’s “Novashutters” range of shutters and blinds caters to all the needs demanded by the market, with a focus on the current modern and sophisticated lines, without underestimating the historical context that the various areas of Italy require.

The advantages of Alunova shutters

Materials that last

The materials used in the construction of Alunova shutters follow rigorous and recurring tests to ensure continuous quality. The aluminum used consists of an EN AW- 6060 alloy with physical state T5 or T6.

All accessories and seals are made of materials that are resistant to the harshest weather conditions and ensure a very long service life.

Standard and custom finishes

The painting and decorating lines follow very high standards and comply with all current environmental, safety and quality regulations.

For the Novashutters range, Alunova relies on the best partners in the field of aluminum finishes, providing as many as 59 standard finishes.

Searches for particular hues and effects are available upon request.

Our catalogue

Louvered shutters with historic fixed open slats. Available with or without frame.


Louvered shutters with vertical staves (available also with horizontal and oblique staves). Available with or without frame.


Louvered shutters with fixed open oval slats, available with or without frame.


Louvered shutters with adjustable slats, operated with a closable crank.Available with or without frame.


Louvered shutters with panel in the upper side (1/3) and adjustable slats in the lower side (2/3), available with or without frame.


Louvered shutters with vertical staves (available also with horizontal staves) and visible internal frame. Available with one or more horizontal transoms, with or without frame.


Louvered shutters with a external vertical staves and internal shingles, available with or without frame.


Louvered shutters without rebate, perfect for sliding louvered shutters or for the installation with integrated frames. Available with historic oval slats, classic oval slats, adjustable slats, vertical staves or horizontal staves, with panel and with Genoa opening.

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