A new brand tells of our desire to innovate

Alunova gets a makeover, in its branding and visual communication.

We are proud to present the restyling work curated in collaboration with Square Marketing that covered our brand across the board.

Where we started

The need to consolidate our position in the marketplace prompted us during 2022 to undertake an analysis and redefinition of our corporate visual identity.

The end result, applied to all levels of internal and external communication, now gives us a brand that reflects our long-established values, the potential yet to be expressed and our future goals.


This emotional payoff encapsulates Alunova’s concepts of innovation and international branding.

“Framing the open space” refers to the profiles of windows and doors that circumscribe a space in our homes, but it can also be traced to the meaning of framing (thus being clear) what comes next, what is not yet defined, the future.

There is evidently also a reference to the concept of “space” as the Universe, to which the elements of our new visual identity inspired by the planet Saturn tie in perfectly.

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